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About Medicare Experience

How We Operate

Medicare Experience is not a government website, nor are we owned or operated by, or the product of, any insurance provider. The purpose of our content is to inform and we do our best to always portray information in its most straightforward and coherent form.

While Medicare Experience does not directly endorse particular insurance products in our content, we do participate in affiliate programs and ad placements throughout our site for which we receive commissions. In certain cases, these advertisements may relate to the content at hand but do not in any way influence the information provided.

We are focused solely on providing you with useful, high-quality articles and guides to help you better understand Medicare and its related information. We aim to improve your experience with Medicare, deepen your comprehension, and help you develop savvy consumer skills and knowledge.

Medicare Experience editor picture

Daniel Ritter, MBA


Daniel specializes in a wide-range of Medicare subjects and is a passionate advocate on behalf of consumers. He has several years of communication experience in business and consumer topics, as well as non-profit issue advocacy.

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